My Favourite Most Useful Promotional Items

My Favourite Most Useful Promotional Items VIENNA MUG All Colours

My Favourite Most Useful Promotional Items

This is the first in a series of My Favourite Most Useful Promotional Items.

One of the perks in doing what I do is testing out the products I sell.  After all, how can I convincingly sell you something if I haven’t tried it out myself?  I have some favourite items and will be sharing them with you. Some of the items may have been tested by other people and they will do guest blogs from time to time.

So, first up is the Vienna Mug. Available in my favourite colour Lime Green, as well as Orange, Red, Blue and Aqua.

These are the reasons I love this mug (from my own experience):

  • easy to clean
  • small enough to fit in my handbag
  • easy to hold
  • bright colours
  • keeps my coffee hot for up to 90 minutes (on a cold night watching club rugby)
  • accepted wherever I go as a replacement for takeaway cups – even on the plane or at the takeaway coffee spot after my morning walk
  • I just think it is really cool!
Vienna Mug at the beach

Nothing like a hot cup of coffee after a sunrise morning walk!

Vienna Mug on the plane

My mug comes travelling with me as well!


The Vienna Mug is made with a PP inner and the outside is stainless steel. The capacity is 300 ml which is just that little bit bigger than your standard coffee cup for that extra hit of caffeine! ♥ It comes packaged in a stylish box and would look really classy with your name engraved on!

One of the major perks of having your own reuseable mug is that you can pat yourself on the back knowing that you are part of the solution in reducing landfill and saving the environment. Because coffee shops are now  starting to acknowledge this, they are offering discounts on takeaway coffee if you take your own mug. Still in its infancy, this is quite a new concept so there are not too many yet. Do you know any coffee shops that are offering this that you can share with others OR how about chatting to your local favourite coffee takeaway place to see if they would get on board?



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