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8 Reasons For Giving Away Promotional Products

1.RAISE BRAND AWARENESS In this hectically competitive world of business that we all play in, we need to stand out and be noticed. We do this for our companies by creating Brand Awareness. There are many obvious Above The Line  ways of doing this , such as radio, newspaper, television ads or there are other less expensive…

My Favourite Most Useful Promotional Items VIENNA MUG All Colours

My Favourite Most Useful Promotional Items

My Favourite Most Useful Promotional Items This is the first in a series of My Favourite Most Useful Promotional Items. One of the perks in doing what I do is testing out the products I sell.  After all, how can I convincingly sell you something if I haven’t tried it out myself?  I have some…

Purchase for a Purpose Women's Month Special

Purchase for a Purpose

Purchase for a Purpose Purchase for a Purpose is an idea that has been in my head since I started this business. I am a firm believer that every one of us can do something to help others. When I say that to people, they say you should sort yourself out first before you give to…

Rosa Accredited Member Certificate for Synergism

Why use a ROSA Accredited member?

Why you should use a ROSA Accredited Member when purchasing Corporate and Promotional Clothing and Gifting 8 Benefits of using a ROSA Accredited Member ROSA (Resellers of South Africa) is a non-profit organization registered in terms of the Companies Act. Their aim is to protect and develop good governance in the Promotional Products and Corporate Clothing…

It's all about the LOVE

The Day of Love

  Today all around the world people are celebrating LOVE because LOVE is what conquers all and LOVE is what makes the world go around. There is so much sadness in this world and so many people feeling unloved so, whatever you are doing today and however you are celebrating, share the love and make…


Promote your Business with Promotional T-Shirts

The humble t-shirt began as an undergarment in the early 19th century and only became popular in the United States when they were issued by the US Navy toward the end of the 1800’s. Printed t-shirts only became popular in the 1960’s when they were used for self-expression, advertisements, protests and as souvenirs. Over time,…

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