How to order

How to Order

Option 1:

For Gifts and/or Clothing, click this link, https://www.promoafrica.com/synergism

For Uniforms, click this link, http://synergism.proactiveclothing.com/

Make a note of the code of the product/s that interest, send a message through the Contact Form and we will contact you for further information.

Option 2:

– Either click on the items or Product Categories for more choices.

– Once you have decided what you like, click on INQUIRE or SELECT CHOICE.

– Your choice will immediately be added to your quote.

– Once you have made your choices, click on VIEW QUOTE.

– Complete the information and click on SUBMIT REQUEST.
-You will receive a confirmation email and be contacted within 24 hours to refine your request.
If thier is anything you are looking for that you can’t find here, just send a message through the ย CONTACT button as there are a lot more products available!

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