1.1. Matsapa Trading 766 cc trading as Synergism (“Synergism”) is an end user reseller of Corporate and Promotional Clothing and Gifting.
1.2. All orders are subject to Synergism’s terms and conditions.

2.1. All orders must be placed in writing, either via email or accepting a quote via the Sage One Accounting portal.
2.2. Synergism endeavours to make all orders available for collection within 48 – 72 hours (subject to stock availability). Order from Johannesburg will be available within 24 – 48 hours. This only applies to unbranded orders. Branding orders can take from 4 – 7 business days extra.
2.3. No stock reservation will be allowed (cancelled orders will be subject to a fee).
2.4. A signed POD by a customer, or the representative collecting on their behalf, is confirmation the order is correctly received. It is the customer or their representative’s responsibility to check
that orders are correct upon receipt. Synergism will not be held responsible for any discrepancies thereafter.
2.5. Where any queries or discrepancies exist on orders received by Synergism, including but not limited to detailing of the code, colour, quantity or description; the order will not be processed
until such time as the query has been resolved. If no instruction or communication is received within 72 hours the order will be deemed cancelled and a new order must be placed.
2.6. An amended order will be treated as a new order and the 24 – 48 hour collection turnaround time begins again (subject to stock availability).
2.7. It is the responsibility of the client to advise in writing of any changes of address, company details, signing powers or authority to place orders.

3.1. No branding will commence unless artwork has been signed off and approved by the customer. This is accepted either via email or by signing off on the artwork approval layout.
3.2. No branding will commence unless the complete order has been paid for in full for COD customers.
3.3. Production will only commence the day after payment has been received.
3.4. Once final artwork is approved the order cannot be cancelled.
3.5. Completion of branding may take between 4 – 7 days from the date the artwork has been approved in the correct format and payment has been made.
3.6. Lead times may vary depending on volumes, complexity of branding required and production capacity in the operation.
3.7. Synergism will not brand items that have been procured from an alternative supplier.
3.8. The type of branding available may be limited by the item chosen, and certain branding applications are only possible on particular items. Current branding guidelines are available
upon request.
3.9. No branded items will be accepted for return unless defective.

Orders may not be cancelled or returned except in accordance with the following provisions, and subject to agreement by Synergism;

4.1. Orders that are cancelled before collection are subject to a 10% handling and cancellation fee.
4.2. Orders not collected within 10 days of dispatch, will be deemed cancelled and a 10% handling and cancellation fee will be charged. The goods will be returned to the warehouse.
4.3. Collected orders returned within 10 days from collection are subject to a 20% handling and return fee.
4.4. Goods for return must be in their original condition, unbranded and not damaged in any way.
4.5. All returns must be accompanied by the original documentation. Goods will not be refundable if the item is damaged in any way.
4.6. No items branded by a third party will be accepted for return. It is the customer’s responsibility to check product for defects before proceeding with third party branding.
4.7. No returns will be accepted on sale items.

5.1. Samples that are returned for a refund must be delivered in the original packaging in an undamaged condition.
5.2. Credit notes will be issued only if the original invoice accompanies the returned sample.
5.3. Samples need to be returned within 10 working days of collection date to be eligible for the refund.
5.4. The process of checking and returning sample orders back to stock for resale may take up to 7 working days. The refund or credit note may only be issued once this process has been
5.5. Products priced at less than R50 ex VAT are not eligible for a refund.
5.6. Synergism does not accept sample returns of USB memory sticks or any technology products.

6.1. The following methods of payment are accepted: EFT. Synergism does not accept cheque payments.
6.2. C.O.D orders will only be released once proof of payment has been received or the payment reflects as cleared funds in the account of Synergism.
6.4. All orders are treated as C.O.D. unless account facilities have been approved.
6.5. Synergism reserves the right to withdraw or amend credit facilities at any time.
6.6. Goods remain the property of Synergism until paid for in full.
6.7. Non-payment resulting in legal/collection fees being incurred will be for the client’s account.
These terms and conditions supersede any prior agreements or representations written or oral. Synergism
terms and conditions may be amended from time to time and are not limited to those stated hereon.